Stress-Free College Selections

Congratulations! As the parent of a student preparing to head to college, you've accomplished something very special. You have guided your sons and daughters through the ups and downs of childhood, arriving now at the doorstep of adulthood.

"Letting go" however is hard enough, without feeling the added anxiety and stress of trying to help your child pick the perfect college.

Relax, Moms and Dads! College Campus Trips will relieve some of that tension by helping your child make a better college choice. We offer customized group tours through high schools located in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. These tours can be developed to visit not only Florida colleges, but colleges throughout the nation.

It is a time and cost efficient opportunity for your child to discover and evaluate colleges while in the company of their peers and often their high school College Counselors who attend as Chaperones.