Some Parent Comments from Past Tours

-After this college tour Chris has returned with a totally changed demeanor and outlook on school, studying and his future.

-(Since he was on your tour, my son and I visited a local college) The experience of your tour gave Eric plenty of questions to ask and a huge level of confidence.

-My oldest child did this tour with you when she attended [name withheld] and it was absolutely the best thing we ever did for her. She loved it and picked out her college just from your tour.

-This was a very smooth and organized way to see six schools quickly.

-Excellent way to see the types of schools. Highly recommend. Very well planned trip.

-The following is a letter received from a parent:

Dear Mr. Denaro,

I am the mother of a student, Erika who just attended your New England college tour. As a mother and teacher at [name withheld], I can't begin to tell you what an amazing, eye-opening experience my daughter had this past week. My daughter's entire perspective about her education was enhanced by being able to listen to lectures and actually tour the campuses of schools she would not have been able to visit with me. During the lectures, she truly was able to comprehend what the colleges were looking for from the students, and my constant nagging rang true.

Monday when Erika returned to school, she decided to run for a position with the law society and actually won! I attribute her motivation and change of attitude directly to the college tour. She made friends with serious students, and is even putting together a club with them that involves community service.

Thank you again for providing a weekend that I could never have done for my daughter, and I am sure changing her future. I am thrilled with the direction her education can take her!