Direct Your Future

The college selection process presents the first major opportunity for students to direct their futures. Parents, counselors and advisors, friends and other relatives may all have advice and opinions and influence, but the final choice is up to you - the student!

And what a tough decision! Students today have more than 2,500 four year U.S. colleges and universities from which to choose. These institutions are of varying size and offer different degrees. It is important to choose a school that matches your academic goals and interests, while taking location and other factors into account. 

Requirements?, Majors?, Large or Small?, Rural or Urban?, Public or Private? Out of State,In State? 

When you take a College Campus Trips tour you are not only evaluating the individual colleges by their requirements, majors and activities but you are also making a broad decision as to the size college you like, do you like an isolated campus in the countryside or do you really enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, do you prefer staying reasonably close to home or do you want to experience another part of the country?